8 – 12 April 2019


The IFFTI 2019 Conference Proceedings publication is now available to download.

Individual papers can also be downloaded using the links below.

Paper 1

Jack’s jumper: Designing a sensibility for sustainable clothing communities
Fiona Hackney, Katie Hill and Clare Saunders
University of Wolverhampton / University of Exeter

Paper 3

A rising community of workers wearing protective clothing
Kundlata Mishra and Ela Dedhia
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Maharashtra

Paper 10

Totem on the timeline: Consumer tribes, subcultures and the space in between
Constantin-Felix von Maltzahn
Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Paper 13

An assay of the Indian craft communities – an integral part of the Indian fashion industry
Maulshree Sinha
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chheb

Paper 15

Reflection on the identity of Chinese Fashion Designers and their stardom and vulnerability
Na Ou
Paris Diderot University

Paper 20

Clothing Preference of the 21st Century Tribal Women: A Study of the transformation in the Costume of Tribal Women of Tripura, India
Paramita Sarkar and Nilanjana Bairagi
NIFT Kangra Campus

Paper 26

Invisible to Visible: Social Media and its Role in Establishing Identity of LGBTQ in India
Neha Dimri
Pearl Academy

Paper 28

Multi-stage yield and quality improvement of hemp fibres for clothing applications – prerequisite for revival of hemp cultivation
Alexandra De Raeve
University College Ghent

Paper 32

Reflection on an experiential learning platform: Concept to retail at Praxes Studio
Feng-Yu Hsu and Yong Xue Hsieh
Shih Chien University

Paper 35

The pursuit of nothingness in Japanese aesthetics: Applications to fashion design
Sayaka Kamakura
Bunka Gakuen University

Paper 47

Blood, sweat and tears: How did skateboarding’s Thrasher t-shirt become the fashionista’s ‘off duty’ look?
Kirsty Smith
Royal College of Art

Paper 48

Towards a creative ID in fashion business education
Jacqueline Shorrocks and Anthony Kent
Nottingham Trent University

Paper 55

Supreme: Super-mutant or keystone species of a sartorial ecology?
Nicolas Cambridge
London Metropolitan University

Paper 59

Be Italian! Aesthetic employees and the embodiment of national traits in luxury fashion flagship hotels
Alice Dallabona
School of Design, University of Leeds

Paper 60

Challenges faced by apparel and textile entrepreneurs seeking US production and sourcing – a study of startup survey data
Behnoosh Farashahi and Kate Annett-Hitchcock
North Carolina State University

Paper 68

The invisible worker: Who’s stitching your shoes?
Amy V. Benstead and Linda C. Hendry
University of Manchester / Lancaster University Management School

Paper 71

Virtual fashion ID: A reality check
Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem
Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Paper 76

The aesthetics of data for IoT wearables
Caroline McMillan
RMIT University

Paper 78

Asian Cultural Appropriation: a search for Evidence
Kenneth Wilkinson
Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Paper 83

Impact of experiential marketing on customer purchase intention: A study of the Indian apparel retail industry
Sushil Raturi
National Institute of Fashion Technology, India

Paper 85

Spatial identity of fashion brands: The visibility network in complex shopping malls
Joseph Francis Wong and Kyle K.L. Tam
The Hong Kong Design Institute

Paper 87

The Bag Charge: Good for the global environment, detrimental to the fashion retail environment?
Carly Wraeg and Ruth Sanderson
Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Paper 93

Made in Scotland: Country of origin branding in the Scottish textile industry
Christina Stewart
Robert Gordon University

Paper 119

Not just ‘the look’: Identity, new materialism and affective clothing
Lily Ye
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Paper 120

Personalisation and identity in fashion
Anthony Kent, Iryna Kuksa and Tom Fisher
Nottingham Trent University

Paper 132

The future of the fashion designer: Changing concepts of the designer and consumer relationship in the age of sustainable practice
Noël Palomo-Lovinski & Steven Faerm
Kent State University / Parsons School of Design

Paper 134

The changing values of millennials and Gen Z adults on fast fashion, social media and the sustainability of their clothing purchases
Catherine Geib
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Paper 136

Diversity in fashion and textile design education
Carolyn H.M. Hardaker and Buddy Penfold
De Montfort University

Paper 138

‘I wear what I want to wear’: Youth, style and identity at the Fashion and Business Saturday Club
Jo Jenkinson and Kelly Joseph
Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Paper 147

Navigating the fashion-faith landscape in Malaysia: The influence of fashion bloggers on Generation Y Malay females’ fashion consumption
Mohd Zaimmudin Mohd Zain, Patsy Perry and Liz Barnes
University of Malaysia / The University of Manchester

Paper 151

Scottish style: The construction of national identity and place amongst Scottish fashion influencers on Instagram
Madeleine Marcella-Hood
Robert Gordon University

Paper 155

Everything is connected: the influences and inspirations of global icon and radical fashion philosopher, Vivienne Westwood
Linda Watson
Northumbria University

Paper 163

Shadowear: A new way of re-(a)dressing the body
Dinu Bodiciu
LASALLE College of the Arts

Paper 164

The dress and the self: How dress styles express identities
Courtney Nicole Chrimes, Rosy Boardman, Helen McCormick and Gianpaolo Vignali
The University of Manchester

Paper 168

Comfort in clothing: Fashion actors and victims
Karen Cross
Robert Gordon University

Paper 171

‘Biofeedback’ in developing fashion identity
Evelina Galli Poghosyan
Idyllwild Art School and Otis College of Art and Design

Paper 172

Designers, Producers, and Users: Minority women’s three identities in their costume culture
Li Xin and He Yang
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Paper 176

Style before technology: Rethinking the design process for e-textiles garments
Amy Chen, Jeanne Tan and Phil Henry
Hong Kong Polytechnic University / University of Leeds

Paper 180

A waste to value proposition: ‘Unspecified outcome’ driven learning
Shalini Gupta & Varun Goel
Pearl Academy