Conferences and Events

We are involved in a diverse programme of events, conferences and exhibitions throughout the year. Ranging from our summer final year shows and our annual student conference the Fashion Forum to international student exhibitions. We also host seminars, talks and workshops with vibrant guest speakers from across the industry.

Upcoming Events

FMCd 2nd Colloquium

25 November 2021

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Past Events

Fashion & Climate Change Online Symposium

9 – 10 September 2021

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2nd Digital Fashion Innovation (DFI) e-Symposium

28 – 29 June 2021

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Face Off Symposium

Face Off: The Provocation and Possibilities of Masks and Head Coverings

13 – 14 January 2021

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Digital Fashion Innovation (DFI) e-Symposium

28 – 30 September 2020

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Summer Masterclasses

Videos of masterclasses held in July and August 2020 now available to watch

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IFFTI 2019

8 – 12 April 2019

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International Fibre Recycling Symposium

7 – 8 June 2017

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Fashion Forum 2017

6 – 7 March 2017

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