Class of 2020

BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

Class of Quarantine

Guest Editors: Holly Lavelle & Erin Williams, Class of 2020
Main Image Credit: Ella Rose Kenneally, Class of 2020

Fashion Art Direction is defined by its students, catering to each blossoming individual as we discover our passions and what part of the industry we want to work in. This encourages students to explore society and culture at large, visualising fashion far beyond the hanger, from a wide range of specialisms. It is a programme for fashion photographers, stylists, creative directors, filmmakers, casting agents and illustrators. It supports students who may want to go into show curation, editorial or publication. This multi-faceted approach, with an emphasis on creativity and visionary thinking; most importantly it inspires change, challenging the way fashion image is consumed in contemporary society.

We believe that there is not one set path into the industry, nor one set way fashion can be communicated, hence the use of adaptable and experimental ways of working. If you asked each graduate what the last three years have meant to them, rest assured each answer would be completely different. However, the ethos remains the same: we each have a voice, and Fashion Art Direction has simply given us the tools and knowledge to be able to use it. You can access the full archive on our Instagram page.

Whilst highly creative, Fashion Art Direction is also intellectually stimulating, pushing students to contextualise fashion within the historical and socio-cultural aspects of society, exceeding design. Projects have engaged with everything from British localism to niche subcultures overseas; the nostalgia of baby boomers to a post human, digital future. Current issues such as sustainability, size diversity and race and gender politics have been recurring themes, but are in no way limiting as each student has responded in an original, unique way. We are always encouraged to be innovative and forward thinking, constantly redefining our practise and informing the future of fashion. The diversity of work and approaches can be seen in Holly Lavelle’s Bedroom Landing project and Ella Kenneally’s (Wo)man Up publication, both shortlisted for Graduate Fashion Week 2020 Awards.

The course is highly collaborative, rooted within the industry to encourage networking and professionalism from an early stage (the slideshow below shows examples of collaborative projects). We have had many opportunities to showcase our talent to a wider audience and engage in experiences beyond university. University is much more than just job training however. It is about expanding your mind and discovering yourself, and Fashion Art Direction assists this entirely. Our year group has become a close-knit community of independent thinkers that support and encourage each other’s differences, helping one another to navigate the fast-paced industry. We celebrate individualism, and with our wide and flexible skill sets, we aspire to use our diverse collective voice to create positive change.

Lesley Raven, Programme Leader, FAD

The FAD Team are proud and privileged to have worked with the Class of 2020 since they first embarked on their journeys of exploring Fashion Art Direction. We admire their resilience and compassion, which is mixed with care for each other and the world we inhabit in these changing times. We are confident each student is equipped with the tools to continue to produce creative and thought-provoking work.

Curiously Curious fashion presentation, Produced by Fashion Art Direction students, February 2019
Curiously Curious fashion presentation, Produced by Fashion Art Direction students, February 2019
Laishi (Afterlife) fashion presentation, Client Project, October 2019
Reno editorial, Client Project, November 2019
Ella Kenneally, shortlisted for Fashion Publication Award and Fashion Communication Portfolio Award, GFW 2020
Holly Lavelle, shortlisted for Fashion Photography Award, Graduate Fashion Week 2020

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