Katherine Lee

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Management 2021

An idea of what the service marketing would look like on the website and a range of social media apps
The idea and research behind the service
Showing how the service creates value.
Looking at the service from a consumer perspective
Showing the steps Circular will impact on the Circular Economy Model
Understanding consumers wardrobe utilisation habits to directly see where the gap in the market was
A full financial plan and budget sets out the business. These are some of the highlights
These were the businesses marketing objectives that interlinked with the overall business objectives
Creating a method to track and reach customers through marketing

Katherine Lee

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Management 2021

Fashion Enterprise Project Business Proposal: Circular


Circular aims to solve the problem that three out of five textile garments are sent to land fill yearly by maximising the product lifecycle. Fast fashion has a detrimental impact on the environment and Circular wants to make sure that the garments coming out of the fast fashion business model, are at the very least getting reused and recycled in a sustainable manor.


A buying and selling second-hand service, working in partnership with Boohoo. This second-hand service specialises in recirculating fast fashion garments by increasing the product lifecycle and to decrease the chances of fast fashion going to waste. The service also has a blog included which will encourage users to complete sustainable wardrobe habit challenges each month such as ’30 Day Wear’ challenge.

Target Market:

Circular targets all fast fashion users and shoppers, as well as consumers who are trying to make small sustainable changes in their lifestyle. It adds value to Boohoo because it shows that they are taking responsibility to what happens to their garments once they have left their site. Whilst Circular does not change the unsustainable way in which the garments are made, it aims to increase the product lifecycle and change consumer shopping habits.

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