Digital & Smart Apparel

Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

The aim of this project is to address the motion artifact (MA) challenge of wearable sensors in smart clothing through exploration of the aspects of clothing design for proper sensor mounting, and of textile techniques (conductive printing, embroidery etc.) for sensor embedding into fabrics

Project Lead

Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Research, Ethics and Safety Lead

Project Researchers

Professor Alhussein Albarbar, Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Dr. Hasan ShahariarDepartment of Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science, North Carolina State University


Fink, PL., Muhammad Sayem, AS., Teay, SH., Ahmad, F., Shahariar, H., Albarbar, A., 2021. ‘Development and wearer trial of ECG-garment with textile-based dry electrodes’, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 328, pp. 112784-112784.

Sayem, ASM et al., 2020. ‘Review on Smart Electro-Clothing Systems (SeCSs)’, Sensors, 20(3), 587;  


Manchester Metropolitan University RKE research accelerator grant in 2018 (Worktribe Nr. 113394)

Faculty grant to host a Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship Award holder (2019) 

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