Tom Roberts

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion 2020

This is an example of the billboard campaign for The Grey Space (Summer '21). The Campaign is sponsored by Klarna.
These are mock-ups of how the website for The Grey Space would look. The link for the active website can be found in the profile section.
These are examples of the social channels from The Grey Space. These also show how sponsored content may look from brand partnerships such as Klarna.
The Instagram homepage (mock-up) of The Grey Space.
This is an image of the potential look of interactive escalator posters for the campaign. A film of these can be found in the 'videos' section of the profile.
This is an example of how the billboard campaign would look across its roll-out in Kings Cross London Underground station.
This is an example of how the interior of a store pop-up concept would look for The Grey Space in a new-concept department store such as Wolf & Badger, London. Further Information can be found on this in the project portfolio.

Tom Roberts

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion 2020

"The Grey Space" is a dynamic, modern and luxurious e-retail space that combines the best upcycled designer products with the knowledge and discussion of current fashion trends and designs. This hybrid of a collaborative creative space along with the platform of an online fashion store defines what it means to be inside the ‘Grey Space’ of the fashion retail sector. 

The name can be defined as the fusion between collaborative discussion and e-retail, The Grey Space sets to re-define what it means to be a modern retailer in this ever-changing luxury retail sector. The brand seeks to target a new generation of conscious luxury consumers that are interested in the experience, rather than the end product. The upcycling process is highly visual and guides the consumer through the process.

The Grey Space was initially created to solve the surplus clothing issue that affects the luxury fashion market every year. Clothing is destroyed by large brands to avoid being sold on at a discounted price. This seems contradictory to where the rest of the fashion industry is heading, to a more sustainable future. 

By upcycling existing clothing through the use of other creatives, the process creates new, desirable and wearable fashion pieces that can be marketed to entirely new generations and target new consumer groups. 

Being an online retailer means that there is the future possibility for expansion into pop-up stores and locations across the globe. Research from London to New York showed the endless possibilities of expansion for The Grey Space. 

The Grey Space Website can be viewed here:

The final project portfolio can be found here:

What would I tell my Level 4 self?... Every idea is valid and should be explored to its fullest potential.


London Underground 'The Grey Space' Animated Posters