Hannah Baldwin

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion 2020

The RESONATE brandbook- a manual for the brand and any collaborators to take into consideration with any branded material. It also provides a detailed inside into the makings of the brand, its values and signature aesthetic.
RESONATE owned platform. The branded website, where customers can go to shop, learn and interact with the brand.
The RESONATE hub app- featuring an online shop, calorie/nutrient tracker, music player amongst other various areas related to community and physical and mental health.
The RESONATE promotional campaign concept and structure. Taken from portfolio B.
Part of the promotional package sent out to micro influencers; spreading word to their followers about the launch competition to get consumers engaging with the brand.
Social media content to increase awareness of the pop-ups for the app launch and competition posts to increase engagement for the brand launch.
Instagram content for the @res_onate profile to engage the young millennial consumer; featuring videos, sneak peaks, product shots and motivational quotes to give a good depiction of the brand in line with the brand guidelines.

Hannah Baldwin

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion 2020

As part of my final project I decided to develop a culturally relevant brand producing a brand book and app (Portfolio A) in line with trends towards health and wellness. With the creation of a promotional campaign (Portfolio B) encompassing the brands identity and it’s relevance to contemporary consumers.

THE INDUSTRY ISSUE: Mental health epidemic, women and men millennials increasingly unhappy, all compounded by social media and feelings of lonliness.

THE SOLUTION: Linking health and happiness; the creation of a brand helping consumers to be their best self both physically and mentally appreciating the need for down time as well as leading an active lifestyle whilst fostering a sense of community.

BRAND CONCEPT: A holistic activewear brand titled RESONATE with a unique 360 approach to health and wellness where being mentally and physically fit are both of equal importance. The products being activewear that is also loungewear, a brand book and a hub app.

THE TARGET MARKET: Young millennials aged 24-32 who fit into the ACORN group of rising prosperity and due to psychographic segmentation research value experience. 

The promotional campaign as such was based around experience and engaging the millennial consumer in an increasingly digitised landscape due to COVID-19; as such social media and influencers played a huge role as well as a feasible industry event for when groups could meet again. The event reflecting the app sections with a floorplan split into the same areas for different activities all focused on either mental or physical health. The SMART objectives involved an increase in IOS downloads of the app as well as increasing awareness of the RESONATE brand which overall was aimed at fostering a healthy community to alleviate relevant millennial health and wellness issues.

RESONATE WEBSITE: https://hannahbaldwinn.wixsite.com/resonate