Dr Prabhuraj Venkatraman

Senior Lecturer (Textile Technology)

Dr Prabhuraj Venkatraman

Senior Lecturer (Textile Technology)

Email: p.venkatraman@mmu.ac.uk

Telephone: 0161 247 6581

Academic and professional qualifications

I am a Textile Technologist and a chartered Fellow of the Textile Institute (CText FTI), who has specific interest inTechnical Textiles with focus on design and development of functional and performance apparel. In addition, I am also keen on the development of smart textiles to monitor and promote health and well-being.

My working experience in the industry for four years involved the development of technical textiles using non-woven fabrics (breathable viral barrier surgical gowns, nano-silver wound dressing, cleansing and anti-bacterial wipes, splash-resistant protective apparel and activated charcoal masks) including textile testing, product development and garment manufacturing.

I am currently researching in the field of impact resistant materials for absorbing medium impact for sportswear using ‘impact attenuation kit‘ developed at MMU ˜to determine the energy absorption characteristics of materials and duration of impact and Tekscan pressure sensors to monitor the dispersion of impact.

My other area of focus is in the evaluation of compression base layer garments for sportswear using Tekscan pressure sensors. Using fabric characteristics from FAST (Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing) a 3-D simulation model was established with the aid of V-stitcher, which predicts the pressure applied by the compression garment.

I am also passionate about developing sustainable and environmentally friendly methods for denim finishing where my investigation focuses in the impact of the durable water repellent finishes for denim wear on environment. I have also explored the potential of using laser treatment for finishing denim fabrics and investigating its performance.

I am also working on an inter-disciplinary project with colleagues from Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MMU on the development of smart bio-sensors for monitoring blood lactate using compression garments for sportswear. The outcomes from this project enables in the designing of smart wearable garments for competitive sports and training purposes that helps to measure the key physiological parameters determining performance.

I maintain research collaboration both at the national and international level.I possess keen interest in the area of quality control and textile testing in apparel production, evaluation of high performance textiles, new product development in the area of outdoor sports apparel and technical textiles for functional clothing. I have five years experience in the area of medical textiles where he was involved in evaluating the effectiveness of compression bandages for venous leg ulcers. I have good experience of working on physical testing of fibres, yarns, fabrics and composites used in design and development of textile products.

I am involved in teaching textile subjects for a number of units for UG and PG students. In addition, supervises research students for their MPhil, PhD, and MSc by research projects at MMU. I have successfully supervised two PhD students (as Director of Studies) and three Master’s by Research student (supervisor). I currently supervise five PhD students.

Key industry and research skills:

  • Able to provide comprehensive report of fibre identification and their physical properties
  • Assessment of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics for their characteristics and performance
  • Measurement of comfort characteristics of fabrics using Alambeta, Permetest and Moisture Management Tester (MMT)
  • Assessment of garment durability and ageing resistance of textiles
  • Stretch, recovery and growth assessment of knitted fabrics used for sportswear development
  • Able to offer complete finger print of fabrics for garment sewability using FAST (Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing)
  • Tactile sensation analysis using subjective measures and user perception of garments
  • Wearer trial assessment of garments intended for sportswear
  • Physiological measurements such as maximum oxygen uptake, lactic acid and pressure profile characteristics for evaluation of compression garments for their performance
  • Possess knowledge of various test standards including British Standards, AATCC, and ASTM test methods
  • Possess experience of providing consulting services for development of textile products and garments.

Undergraduate teaching

Research Project - BA (Hons) All Routes

Product Awareness - BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Product Development - Degree apprenticeship programme

Postgraduate research supervision

MSc - by Research

  1. Auxetic materials for sportswear (completed)
  2. Evaluation of base layer compression garments for sportswear (completed)
  3. Fashion upcycling in the UK women's wear indsutry (completed)

MSc - Taught programme

  1. Effect of water repellent finishes for denim and its performance

MPhil / PhD research

  1. Application of auxetic material for impact response sports apparel (current PhD project)
  2. Finite element modelling of auxetic materials for sports applications (current PhD project)
  3. Development of smart textiles to neutralise non-ionising radiation for the electro-sensitive population (current PhD project)
  4. Design and development of compression garments for athletic wear (ongoing PhD project) 
  5. Design and development of innovative sportswear for football players (current PhD project) 
  6. Development of conceptual framework with a smart databse for fabric sewability (completed)
  7. Use of trend forecasting in contemporary marketing and fashion retail industry (completed)

External examiner roles

PhD external examiner overseas (Avinashlingam University, Coimbatore, India)

Projects and initiatives

  • Evaluation and simulation of compression base layer garments for sportswear using body scanning technology and pressure sensors
  • Design and development of impact resistant materials for rugby tops
  • Durable water repellent finishes and its impact on environment
  • Smart bio-sensors for monitoring health using compression garments
  • The outcomes from the projects are disseminated regularly via conferences, research forum, monographs, and journals. Efforts have been made to collaborate with the industry and academic professionals with a multi-disciplinary team that promotes development of novel products and enhances quality of life.

Prizes and awards

  • PhD in Medical Textiles (2005)
  • MSc in Technical Textiles (2001)
  • B.Tech in Textile Technology (1999)
  • CText FTI (2017)
  • PGC in Academic Practice (2012)

Expert reviewer for external funding bodies

Project bid reviewer – served as an internal reviewer (MMU) for Technology Strategy Board (TSB) project proposal

Membership of professional associations

  • Chartered Fellow of the Textile Institute, Manchester, UK – CText FTI.
  • Senior Member of AATCC (American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists) – an association of textile, apparel, and material professionals. 
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).
  • Member of Denim Club India.


Research Interests

  • Design and development of ankle support for the elderly
  • Designing protective garments for sportswear and personnel protection by investigating material properties using impact attenuation test and sensitive pressure sensors.
  • An investigation on the performance of compression garments using pressure profile measurements. 
  • Development of smart bio-sensors in monitoring health using compression garments.
  • Investigation of scope of auextic materials for sportswear applications
  • Development of plasma treatment for water repellent finishes
  • Dry finishing of denim garments using laser as an environmentally friendly method. 

Expert reviewer for journals and publishers

Served as peer reviewer for the following publications.

  • Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management·
  • Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
  • Book review for Bloomsbury Publications and CRC Taylor and Francis


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Venkatraman, P., 2019. 'Sustainable Textiles and materials for fashion industry', Vincent Building, Lecture Theatre, Cranfield University.

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