Eleanor Wong

BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Management

"Honestly all the staff are so supportive, I have felt extremely supported my entire journey through this course, especially throughout the COVID-19 duration"

The Course
I always thought I wanted to do a fashion degree, but I didn’t know much about it and the kind of roles it could lead to, so I actually originally came to MMU to do geography as I thought it was a more generic and transferable degree. About halfway through the year I realised Geography really wasn’t for me and I was still so interested in a fashion degree, so I got in contact with some tutors and I arranged to transfer courses for the following year. I chose Fashion Business and Management as I still didn’t know much about the subject and what path I’d want to take, and this course offers an overarching view of various roles from buying and merchandising to marketing. I am so glad I chose this as I think it is so valuable to have an insight of all aspects of fashion, and an advantage that not all people have. This variety of topics has also kept it exciting, as each unit varies from the last and you can really feel yourself piecing together a full picture of the fashion industry. The course also offered great opportunities, such as live briefs. In second year, working on a group project for the Harvey Nichols live brief, my group and I were lucky enough to be selected to pitch to the Manchester Harvey Nichols team which was an amazing experience.

Industry Placement/Internship
I went on placement with H&M in Stockholm, Sweden. My role was an assistant buyer intern and my day-to-day involved tasks such as analysing sales and stock levels, quantifying and allocating for global markets, product developing with the design team, sample handling and liaising with suppliers across the world. It was the most incredible experience and everything I could have dreamed and more. The city and the company were just amazing, and I was made to feel so welcome. But overall, the experience was so valuable, both on a personal and professional level. I feel that the person who came back was completely different to the person who went out there. I grew so much confidence and learnt so much about myself and the future I want. I would 100% recommend doing a placement. Although it seems scary and applications can be disheartening, it’s all just experience and growth to prepare you for when you graduate and have to go out into the industry alone.

Student Support
Honestly all the staff are so supportive, I have felt extremely supported my entire journey through this course, especially throughout the COVID-19 duration. All the unit and personal tutors have been so friendly and helpful whenever I have needed support and it genuinely makes such a difference. Without their help, I believe I would not have secured my placement at H&M or received the grades I have. One service that also was super helpful was the placement and careers team who were so accommodating when I was applying for placements.

After Graduation

I will be graduating in the next few months. It both scary and exciting to be finishing university and I have begun looking at graduate roles.

Advice for Future Fashion Graduate

My main piece of advice would be to utilise everything the university has to offer. All the amazing lecturers and support services, these are the things that you won’t realise have valuable they are until no longer have it. I have a housemate from another university who has access to nowhere near as much support and she wishes that she did, so make the most of it while you have access to it. Also, go on placement!! It is such an amazing experience and a first step in the door of your career, but with the security blanket of knowing you still have access to all of university’s support whilst your on placement.