Chiara Edwards

BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Management

"I studied a semester at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and had the most surreal time travelling Asia..."

The Course

The Fashion Business & Management course has taught me so much and prepared me for the industry and world of work.

During my second year of university I went to Hong Kong to study abroad as part of the universities Semester Exchange program. I studied at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and had the most surreal time, I travelled Asia so much and met amazing people, some of which are now my closest friends and have travelled across the world to see me! I even came second place in a university-wide competition for my time in Hong Kong.

Industry Placement/Internship

Towards the end of my second year I secured a six month internship abroad in Amsterdam, working with Calvin Klein at PVH Corp. I tried all year to secure a placement, but this came last minute and I went! During my six months internship, I managed to secure another six months so I spent a whole year abroad in Amsterdam. After this they hired me freelance to work in the UK and finish my studies!

My internship was incredible and I met amazing people, including the former CEO of PVH Europe, I made positive changes within my team and company, PVH will always hold a special place in my heart.

Video about my experience here –

Student Support

Student support at MMU was great, final year was especially hard as COVID changed everything, and towards the end, I had personal problems with my family life, however my personal tutor  was brilliant with me. I found the flexibility of the online classes really helped me organise my schedule, especially whilst juggling work and family life too.

If you come from a low-income background, MMU will also contribute money towards your MetCard, this was a life savour for me at university and helped me a lot financially throughout the years!

After Graduation

I am due to finish university this summer and graduate next year. Although I have been working freelance throughout my final year, I will look for a full-time graduate position.  I am also starting my own business with my best friend, (we actually both met during our internship in Amsterdam). Riel is a Dancewear brand and university has really supported our concept and progress.

Advice for Future Fashion Graduates

I would recommend other students to apply for the First Generation Scholarship if they are the first person in their family to attend higher education, this is something I missed out on and personally regret – I guess there was less awareness about it at the time.

University could be the best years of your life. Throughout my time at MMU, I have lived in 3 different cities in 2 different counties over 2 continents and met the most beautiful people along the way. Although I call Manchester my new home, my university experience has been felt across the world with places I have visited and people I have met and I would highly recommend to everyone, explore your options, but if it is university you decide on, then go with your whole heart!

Chiara Edwards is now working within Digital Communication and Events.