Kate Ryabchykova

Lecturer (CAD Fashion)

Kate Ryabchykova

Lecturer (CAD Fashion)

Email: k.ryabchykova@mmu.ac.uk

I am an experienced educator and 3D digital fashion professional with both an industry and academic background.

As a professional, I have worked with well-established global manufacturing facilities such as Brandix, MAS, and Inqube which manufacture high-tech garments and offer innovative manufacturing solutions to brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, Adidas, and others.
I also established a 3D visualization agency through which she assisted diverse brands in the establishment of their meta presence, virtual sampling, and NFT marketing. She worked with brands such as "VR Neighbourhood", "Sealskinz", "Cybernite" and others.

As an educator, I have worked with multiple fashion institutions around the globe, which allowed her to create a unique intranational approach to teaching and curriculum development. I have always been interested in the emergence of digital and 3D fashion as an essential component of a fashion graduate portfolio and focused her academic efforts on the integration of innovative and AI-powered tools into the curriculum.

As a researcher, I am interested in the application of digital technologies to enhance the garment manufacturing process as well as in the emergence of the "virtual-only" fashion concepts.

Academic and professional qualifications

MA (Hons) Fashion Design and Fashion Education
BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology

Previous Employment

After acquiring MA with Distinction in Fashion Design and Fashion Education, Kate has developed an interest in intercultural research and approach to Fashion Education. That brought her on the journey across continents, developing her own signature design identity and exploring fashion education.

Kate has acquired her first fashion teaching role at Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur (India), half across the globe from her own country. At Arch Academy of Design Kate has delivered modules designed by BTEC system for the British curriculum. In Jaipur, Kate had an opportunity to explore unique Rajasthani textile development techniques (bagru print, natural dyeing, indigo dying, block printing, pattu weaving), as well as work with indigenous communities to develop a unique identity of her own, and her students' design approaches. The main highlight of Kate's contribution to the University was the academic presentation on 4th International Non-Western Fashion Conference in Antwerp, Belgium as well as her successful academic mentorship which contributed to 4 of her students successfully submitting and being accepted to present their academic research at the same conference.

After this, Kate moved further south and spent 2.5 years working as a Lecturer in the Academy of Design, Colombo, delivering curriculum from Northumbria University, New Castle. Here Kate had an opportunity to work on real industry projects, and broaden both her and her students' horizons by collaborating closely with the largest manufacturers in South Asia, who, among others, produce clothes for PVH (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein), Victoria Secret, Nike, Adidas, and others. In terms of teaching, this experience helped Kate to sharpen her technological and manufacturing skills, and she started specializing in digital design with a focus on fashion technology. Consequently, Kate also developed her 3D visualization course in close collaboration with industry standards.

Kate went on to teach privately as well as work with fashion schools in Ukraine, Slovakia, the USA, and the United Kingdom. Kate joined Manchester Fashion Institute as a guest Lecturer in January 2021 and moved on to acquire a full-time position in August 2022.






Journal Articles

Karan, K., Kateryna, R., 2018. 'Sustainable Business Strategies for Local Fashion Communities (small and medium scale enterprises) in Ethiopia and Ukraine', Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 20 (1), pp. 22-33.

Ryabchykova, K., 2018. 'Virtual mobility and intercultural competence in the process of training of fashion designers', Problems of engineer-pedagogical education, pp. 71-77.


Office Location

Room 2.30
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