Professor Susan Postlethwaite

Professor of Fashion Technologies

Professor Susan Postlethwaite

Professor of Fashion Technologies



Book Chapters

Thiel, K., ten Bhoemer, M., Postlethwaite, S., Pollmann, A., Hoette, R., 2020. 'Breaking the script'. In Everything and everybody as material : beyond fashion design methods, The School of Fashion and Textiles, RMIT University and The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Boras..


Postlethwaite, S., Thiel, K., Ellams, D., 2022. 'Design Anthropology skills development. Designing interdisciplinary research for provocation, pedagogy and policymaking.', Future Fashion Factory CICP.

Postlethwaite, S., Thiel, K., Atkinson, D., 2022. 'Reshoring UK Garemnt Manufacturing with Automation. Advice for Government', KTN Made Smarter.

Conference Papers

Postlethwaite, S., 2021. 'Design Cultures of Making: Fashion thinking as creative process and pedagogy', Design Cultures. Cumulus Rome 2020, Rome, Italy, 8/6/2021 - 11/6/2021, in, pp. 1562-1573.

Thiel, K., Postlethwaite, S., Lean, M., 2020. 'Discourse: Debating the Future of Fashion as Design', Fashion Colloquia, Jaipur/ India.

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Righton Building
Manchester Fashion Institute
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