Paddy Lonergan

Lecturer (Fashion Promotion)

Paddy Lonergan

Lecturer (Fashion Promotion)



Book Chapters

Lonergan, P., 2020. 'The Art of Commerce: Did Morris & Co. abandon or adapt the artist’s ideologies in collaborating with fast fashion chameleon H&M?'. In, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases.

Lonergan, P., 2020. 'Co-Creative Storytelling: A Case Study of Warby Parker'. In Communicating Fashion Brands: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives.

Internet Publications

Lonergan, P., 2020. 'The Search for God in Vogue',

Lonergan, P., 2018. 'Estrella Damm: How Spanish Beer Took on Heineken to Brand Itself the Cosmopolitan Choice',

Journal Articles

Lonergan, PP., Patterson, M., Lichrou, M., 2018. 'More than clothes hangers: cultural intermediaries in the field of fashion', European Journal of Marketing, 52 (9/10), pp. 2052-2074.

Office Location

Cavendish South
Manchester Fashion Institute
Manchester Metropolitan University
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