Anze Ermenc

Lecturer (Fashion Art Direction)

Anze Ermenc

Lecturer (Fashion Art Direction)


Anze Ermenc has been a lecturer in Fashion Image on BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction since September 2017. He is a styling specialist tutor on the course and has had success supporting students with publication design and development (multiple Graduate Fashion Week Publication finalists and winner), building on his own industry experience of running an independent publication (New Edge Magazine 2014-2021).

Anze is currently the Manchester Fashion Institute's Department Digital Rep - overseeing the creative direction and organisation of the digital showcase and physical exhibition for the whole department to promote MFI graduate’s work.

In his work he focuses on the unseen, unfashionable and unpopular, and the themes of his practice often reflect his mood and the current state around him. He is especially interested in fashion as a visual language, researching alternative ways to document creative development.

Projects and initiatives

Odd One Out/In

‘Odd One Out/In’ explores concepts of ‘Otherness’ and interpretations thereof, inviting artists from different disciplines to reflect on this idea and to present their perspective through visual language.

The various responses in differing media to aspects of ‘Otherness’ include examinations of identity, exclusion, belonging, health and well-being, gender, politics and Queer. The artworks seek to communicate these topics through both conceptual and empirical approaches.

Collaborative exhibition curated by the Other Grounds Collective.
17th Nov - 16th Dec 2017, PS Mirabel (Manchester)

The Other Self – A Textile Perspective on Exploring Identity and Belonging

The conceptual outset of the exhibition of textile portraits of Jan Bejšovec and Anže Ermenc is based on their differences of experience and interests. The artists are of different nationality and age. On top of that, they have never met each other. At the time when Jan Bejšovec, from Berlin, first arrived in Ljubljana, Anže Ermenc was leaving Ljubljana for Manchester. Despite numerous differences they are related by their mutual interest in contemporary textile arts, so they have both accepted the invitation of the Alkatraz Gallery and joined their efforts in a way we had not expected. Initially, the exhibition was conceived as a group exhibition of two artists who approach the idea of textile in their own, different way. However, the artists got connected and prepared their own concept in a mutual dialogue that was not only artistic, but actually also curatorial. So the exhibition is now somewhere between a group and a solo exhibition, for they have become a tandem - for this project – complementing each other in the way they carry out their joint authorial setting. The main motif of the exhibition is textile portraits with a twist.

29th Nov - 13th Dec 2016, Galerija Alkatraz (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


The Big Picture
Industrial Luxury
1/3 The Big Picture
2/3 Industrial Luxury
3/3 Borderless



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