Rebecca Neary

Lecturer (Fashion Design & Technology)

Rebecca Neary

Lecturer (Fashion Design & Technology)


Rebecca graduated in 2012 from the Royal College of Art in London. The school environment transformed her relationship with her creative, intuitive mind, learning to trust it which in turn allowed her to grow exponentially as a designer. Rebecca has since enjoyed 5+ years in the Fashion industry, both internationally and in the UK. She has worked with brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Umbro, a soccer brand (previously owned by Nike), and The North Circular based in London and Passenger Clothing to name a few. Her work has been featured in British/Italian Vogue, I-D, Dazed & Confused, Wallpaper Magazine and Teen Vogue USA.

Since starting teaching Rebecca has set up a National Saturday Club in conjunction with the Sorrell Foundation and the British Fashion Council. An opportunity for 14-16 year olds to explore Fashion and Business in a free and experimental environment. She has passed this onto other staff since but still features as one of the lecturers in Collage, Illustration and Design.

Passionate about innovation and environmentally responsible methods of design, she has worked with this in mind in both personal practice and within the industry. Part of her graduate study included two written thesis’ into sustainable practice and ‘green’ perceptions which she then implemented into her two collections. She further seeks to collaborate and work with pioneering individuals that are in the vanguard of ecological practice who share the same ethos as herself.

Rebecca has re-established her practice to be centered more in Visual Art and away from Menswear Design. She is now researching and exploring the Natural World and Universal Wisdoms through workshops and her own Visual Practice. Primarily she is interested in who we interact with the Earth, through cyclic practice and community with one another.



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