Elena Etheridge

Lecturer (Fashion Business)

Elena Etheridge

Lecturer (Fashion Business)

Email: e.etheridge@mmu.ac.uk

Telephone: 0161 247 2641

Academic and professional qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE)

Master of Arts by research (MMU) : Pattern making for new fabric joining technologies

BA (Hons) Fashion (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Membership of professional associations

Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (FHEA)

Pattern making for new fabric joining technologies

Practice from MA research


2019 International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes Conference Exhibit

Weave sound

Collaboration with weaver Victoria Haire

Artist's statement

Human skin is autobiographical: it is our personal identity card, carrying the traces and memories of our lives. The textiles created in this project are informed by the nature of exzematous skin, its sensitive 3D surface and the patterns created from this three-dimensionality. They emit the sounds of the textiles themselves being touched in real time, the sounds evidencing the materiality of the cloth. Some of the textiles have been made into a garment that is constructed from loom-width fabric, in order to respect the skill of the weaver and to reduce waste.

My design process

From the starting point of the dimensions of the existing woven cloth widths, I designed a piece to utilise all the cloth and engineered the pattern to ensure that no fabric waste was created in its construction.



Research Interests

MA by research thesis


Fabric joining methods of welding and bonding can bring new possibilities to garment design and construction, offering a number of benefits over traditional sewing. Current applications are mostly limited to sports apparel, performance wear and lingerie, due to the functional benefits that they can bring to garments. These technologies have unexploited potential in fashion clothing and offer benefits to the manufacturing process by simplifying many traditional cut and sew construction methods and reducing seam components. The process of developing garments with these new technologies, however first requires a fundamental understanding of their technical capabilities.The research examines how a design practice-based enquiry can be used to develop and adapt approaches to pattern making that consider new fabric joining technologies. Taking inspiration from historical pattern cutting approaches and strategies for design, allows for a consideration of the production methods and technology throughout the design process. The practice output of this investigation is a series of contemporary women’s wear pieces that evidence the development of a pattern making approach that incorporates welding and bonded constructions to offer new design possibilities and consider manufacturing efficiencies. The study highlights the need for a holistic design approach that considers the technical capabilities and constraints of the joining technologies.



Haire, V., 2019. Weave Sound, IFFTI : International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes 2019, 8/4/2019 - 12/4/2019.

Conference Papers

Etheridge, E., 2016. 'Patternmaking for new fabric joining technologies', The Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting, Huddersfield, 24/2/2016 - 25/2/2016.

Theses and Dissertations

Etheridge, E., 2018. 'Pattern making for new fabric joining technologies'.

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Room CA 2.25
Cavendish South
Manchester Fashion Institute
Manchester Metropolitan University
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