Victoria Markham

Senior Lecturer (Fashion Buying & Merchandising)

Victoria Markham

Senior Lecturer (Fashion Buying & Merchandising)


Telephone: 0161 247 2730

Academic and professional qualifications

I have worked within the clothing industry for 20 years, with the majority of that time being spent in various roles in the buying and merchandising division.

As a qualified and effective user of Six Sigma (a highly recognised business improvement methodology), I embraced such principles within organisations resulting in the improvement and enhanced efficiency of a series of business areas, an incumbent part of all the positions held in the clothing industry, training was synonymous with all my activities, which subsequently led to embarking upon the teaching profession. In order to formalise my academic ability further I successfully studied and completed a post-graduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP) focusing on the effective delivery of knowledge to higher education learners.

Previous Employment

I held a pivotal role as a team member and worked as part of an internal/external initiative which was responsible for a £45million ‘Retail Integration Operation’ project (RIO).

As a Process Analyst working with an IT specialist I developed a web-enabled product data management system which facilitated effective communication between internal and external stakeholders.

As a Business Analyst I worked on a company Business Operating Model (BOM) in order to ensure synergistic relationships between differing areas of the business were maintained as the business grew and developed.

Projects and initiatives

As part of my ongoing commitment to enterprise, in addition to attending conferences, I have visited apparel companies across the UK, Europe and Asia. I have also delivered industry-related courses to industry and lectures to overseas students.

Prizes and awards

  • BSc Business Information Systems
  • PGCert Academic Practice

Office Location

Room C2.31
Cavendish South
Manchester Fashion Institute
Manchester Metropolitan University
Cavendish Street
Manchester M15 6BG