Size ASOS: Measuring the changing shape of the nation

3D body scanning technology

Online Fashion retailer ASOS identified that improving their understanding of the size and shape of their core customers was the key to improving customer satisfaction. They commissioned Manchester Fashion Institute to research body measurements of their female and male customers using our 3D body-scanner technology.

Led by our expert academics, with support from PhD students, we held a body scanner event for 1200 female and 1200 male students between the ages of 18 and 30.

Participants were offered the unique opportunity to be body scanned, receiving a list of their personal measurements and body shape classification.

The 3D body scanner is a non contact system based on safe ‘white light’ technology. The hi-tech, two-minute scan uses light sources to take over 100 measurements, which it uses to create a digital copy of the surface geometry of the human body.

We analysed the anthropometric data and made recommendations to ASOS. Our findings will affect the sizing of their garments. contribute to improved customer satisfaction, reduce returns rates an ultimately, improve the future profitability of their business.

Project Lead

Barbara Shepherd

Barbara Shepherd

Principal Lecturer / Knowledge Exchange Lead

Project Researchers

Steven Hayes Principal Lecturer in Technology
Duncan Sime, Key Account Manager, Research & Knowledge Exchange

PhD Students

Size ASOS Body Scanner Examples
Size ASOS Body Scanner Examples