The Use of Kymira FIR Technology in Neonatal Products

Industry Sponsored Masters Dissertation

This industry sponsored Masters Dissertation was awarded by Kymira and allowed our Master Student to work on a live industry brief to offer real commercial impact for the company. 

This research set out to discover if FIR technology can be applied to the neonatal care market and if this technology could help aid in the infant’s development by assisting in the recovery of common health problems. By understanding the health problems that neonatal infants are prone to, areas of support via FIR could be identified. Infants struggles with temperature instability and accompanying conditions could be influenced by this creating a “knock-on” effect of health complications.
The focus on the thermoregulation benefit that FIR therapy can offer is the main focus for neonatal care, because it allows the technology to be more widely used by more infants. This has greater appeal by primarily focusing on an issue that can and/or does affect every infant due to their lack of ability to thermoregulate. The technology can then offer secondary benefits that can assist with treating many cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic ailments.
This proposed concept has potential to benefit the neonatal market in both hospitals and for later at home care. This technology possesses such advanced benefits, yet it is user friendly so there would be no struggle with using the product and technology for home care without having professional medical experience. Overall, the infant’s requirement for additional thermal support does not decrease from being in a hospital environment to later at home care. However, the infant will be more developed and at a more reasonably stable weight and body fat percentage. Therefore, marketing the far infrared mattress for later home care as well as in hospitals can allow maximum user benefit from this highly beneficial technology


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Carl Tam

Carl Tam

MA Fashion Buying & Merchandising Management

Final Design Concept
Final Design Concept

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