Gain a unique perspective of Copenhagen

05 April 2024

Manchester Fashion Institute explores Copenhagen's history of fashion

Manchester Fashion Institute has a focus on providing students with practical experiences tailored to the industry. Each year, multiple study trips are organised, enabling students to enhance their skill sets.

These trips are accessible to all students enrolled at Manchester Fashion Institute, allowing them to network with peers across various courses.

In February, staff members led students on a 5-day trip to explore the fashion history of Copenhagen.

Structured into course-specific days, the trip focused on retail visits, design sessions, and a visit to KEA University, showcasing sustainable fashion practices.

Illum, Copenhagen's luxury department store

During the retail-focused day, students engaged in a guest session with the Marketing Director of Illum, one of Copenhagen's largest luxury department stores. Additionally, they explored the Magasin Museum, gaining insights into its historical significance.

The design-oriented day featured guest sessions with Henrik Vibiskov, a boutique store owner, and the Chief Sustainability Officer at ROTATE Berger Christensen, a partywear-focused clothing brand. Students were also given time to explore the city.

Students on Manchester Fashion Institute trip

This is just a glimpse into one of the numerous annual trips organized by Manchester Fashion Institute all with the aim of providing exciting experiences for our students.

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Gain a unique perspective of Copenhagen

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