Industry Standard Equipment

Facilities at Manchester Fashion Institute

There has been a multi-million pound investment in facilities, ensuring that our students have access to an extensive collection of industry-standard equipment. Dependent on the course, students will have access to specialist sewing, knit and weave machines, photography studios, a textile testing laboratory and much more.

Facilities & Equipment

At Manchester Fashion Institute we are proud to be leading the way in providing our students, academics and industry experts with access to state of the art facilities and equipment.

If studying at Manchester Fashion Institute access to equipment will depend on your course, with different courses using different specialist equipment depending on their outputs. We also work regularly with industry professionals, researchers from the wider university and other higher education institutions as well as government and charitable bodies to further develop research, offer product testing facilities or just provide access and training with facilities they may not otherwise have access to.

click throughs to be included here of each of the 14 areas identified: Micro Manufacturing, Fashion tailoring, Leather & Further, Sports & performance apparel, Lingerie & support wear,  Fashion Apparel, Workwear, Denim & PPE, Textile testing  & Analysis, Digital technologies for product development, Fashion Photography for fashion promotion and Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality for Design Development & Retail, Sustainable Fashion Design, Non Sew technology. 

With overview of specialist areas, equipment/machinery used within this area and key case studies of industry/student projects which have utilised these areas. 


Facilitating success

Whole-body scanning can change men’s body image

Tue 8 Jan

Environmentally friendly laser-etched denim better than bleaching

Wed 12 Dec

More details

You can download a copy of our full kit list here to find out more about the specialist equipment we have on offer at Manchester Fashion Institute.

or why not take a quick tour around Manchester Fashion Institute to see some of the equipment and machinery in action.

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