Class of 2020

BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Graduates rise to the Challenge of Industry 4.0

Guest Editor Eleanor Forbes (Class of 2020) identifies some of the course highlights over the past 4 years. Contributions from Olivia Henderson and Meg Carins.

Resilience and Versatility

‘The course focuses on real-world industry skills that are needed to prepare students for the fashion industry, regardless of whether you choose to complete a placement year. The mixture of topics has also created opportunities for students on the course to explore roles outside of Buying and Merchandising. Many students have secured placements and graduate roles in a variety of sectors in the fashion industry, such as supply chain, garment technology, product development and CSR.

My placement year as Assistant Merchandiser allowed me to put my knowledge and skills from Year 1 and 2 into practice and created a better understanding of the fashion industry, which I feel contributed greatly to my final year assessments.’

Eleanor Forbes, Class of 2020

A new perspective

‘After seeking guidance from tutors, I decided to complete a placement year in a completely different industry in order to find what I was really passionate about. I managed to get my dream placement in London. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that the emphasis on employability within our course is what enabled me to land such a highly-competitive role. This placement was a completely life-affirming experience, which gave me direction and reinvigorated my enthusiasm for my degree. I was able to hit the ground running in my final year, using my newly acquired industry knowledge to inspire the topic of my dissertation, a piece of work that I am immensely proud of.’
Olivia Henderson, Class of 2020

Rising to the challenge

‘It may have started just like a normal final year of university but, finishing this year has been far from normal. During this final year, I’ve become more independent with my studies, both the research project and integrated assignment utilised and strengthened my knowledge and ideas, encouraged by supportive tutors. Having the support of my peers, and the friendships that have been made, and which I’m sure will last, is why I am sure that as a cohort we will all rise to the challenge during these uncertain times.’
Meg Carins, Class of 2020

‘Whilst it is disappointing to end face-to-face teaching abruptly due to COVID-19, students did however receive a high level of support from lecturers through video calls, podcasts and online lectures, which helped final year students adapt quickly to the situation. Although 2020 may not have as many opportunities for graduates in fashion, the business and strategic skills gained in this course are transferable to many industries, which I hope will reassure final year students during these times’.
Eleanor Forbes, Class of 2020

‘All of the Fashion Buying and Merchandising teaching team are hugely proud of the hard work and resilience shown by our students this year. We know that they are more than equal to the challenges ahead and wish them every success.’
Cathy Chase, Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Fashion Buying & Merchandising

Main Image Credit: Karen Lea-Swain & Jackie Rayner

Business Report – Julia Christian
Business Report – Amelia Richards
Individual Research Project - Alisha Muggleton
Vietnam Graphic – Victoria Eskdale (picture credit)
Vietnam Factory – Victoria Eskdale (picture credit)
Business Report – Samantha Lee
Business Project - Camilla-Anne Jackson
Business Project - Ruby Rose Harvey, Samantha Lee, Zara Gray
Individual Research Project - Jack Thompson
Individual Research Project - Ella Midgeley
Individual Research Project- Elise Jade Walker
Individual Research Project - India Carden-White
Business Report – Chloe Wiblin
Munich Trade Fair – Fiona Johnson (picture credit)
Puma Visit, Germany – Curtis, Zac, Grace, Lucy & Olivia – Fiona Johnson (picture credit)
Individual Research Project - Dylan Mitchell
Individual Research Project - Skye Thompson-Moore
Individual Research Project - Jessica Poulter