Saara Hussain

Fashion Business and Management - Graduated 2018

"The course leader gave me one-to-one support, which helped me to succeed in my degree."

The Course

Studying BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Management has provided me with the specialised knowledge and skills required for the workplace. The lecturers gave me support and advice for the career paths such as helping me enhance my CV and cover letters. The lecturers’ passion and enthusiasm for their field of study really does shine through in classes, it also gives me a detailed insight on what to expect when working in the fashion industry.

I found the Customer Experience Project unit and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Units extremely interesting. They included many visual elements, which I enjoyed the most. I understood these units well and it targeted my key skills – creativity. The units gave me a chance to enhance my creative side and tested my knowledge of the elements we had learned about over the years and how to make good use of it throughout the assignments. Some of my highest marks were achieved from these two units.

It is an all-rounder course, which includes all areas in a fashion industry from a business perspective. From customers’ needs and demands, sustainability and business fundamentals.

Student Support

The course leader has been fantastic. Initially, I struggled with being at university and I even considered dropping out. However, she talked it through with me, helped me with my needs, and ensured that I understood the assignments well and guided me in the right direction. She provided me with a lot of one-to-one support, which definitely got me through the past three years. I graduated with a first class degree – so many thanks to her.


In my final year, I participated in a study trip to London. I was given the opportunity to learn about some of the most popular and mesmerising stores like Harrods and visited the head office for the top luxury brand Mulberry, which gave an insight to the work environment and what is required to be able to achieve careers in such brands.

After Graduation

I decide to have a backup career path as a teacher, so I have secured an unconditional offer at Manchester Metropolitan University for the PGCE Design and Technology course.

After I complete my PGCE, I will have two career paths to choose from, I can go into the teaching career path or finding a career path in the fashion industry in the marketing and communication department.