Fergal Doran

“Choosing to do a placement year was the best idea I have ever had.”

The Course:

I loved every minute of my time at Manchester Fashion Institute and the BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising course. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going into the fashion industry. The units on the course are so varied and interesting; it really helps you to understand the fashion industry in depth and teaches you about every part of how a fashion brand or company functions – from production to consumer.

As part of the course, we completed a business project where we created our own business and learnt how to run it. I found this particularly interesting, as it is what I have always wanted to do with my career.

Industry Placement:

For my placement year, I worked at two very different sportswear companies Adidas and Playerlayer. One was a huge global brand and the other a small brand with only 50 members of staff. Completing two separate placements ensured that I had versatile work experience, which would greatly benefit me in my career.

Choosing to do a placement year was 100% the best idea I have ever had. Not only did I get to work in a foreign country but I also had an incredible time doing it.

Student Support:

The course tutors are so amazing. Combined, their knowledge is incredible and they have been so helpful to me during my time at Manchester Fashion Institute.

After Graduation

I feel like the BA (Hons) has set me up perfectly for what I want to do with my career. My plan after graduation was always to set up my own business, and I have developed the skills and confidence to be able to pursue this.