Advice for Overseas Applicants

If you are based outside the UK and are unable to attend an interview, we will normally ask you to provide a digital portfolio for practice-based courses

If you have been asked to provide a digital portfolio, please read the instructions below on how to submit your work. We normally expect the portfolio to be submitted within two weeks of our request.

If you are planning to be in the UK in the next couple of months or are currently based in the UK please let us know as we may be able to arrange an interview for you while you are here. Please contact the Admissions Team.

How to submit your digital portfolio

The best method of sending us your work is to upload your images onto a blog system, then send us the link.

If possible, open a BLOGGER account by going to This is our preferred option. Or if you prefer, you can use a different system such as or

1. Set-up a blog

After creating an account, follow the on-screen instructions on how to set-up a blog. Viewing a video tutorial will help you to set up your blog. You may title your blog whatever you wish, please include your name at the top of the page.

If you do not wish your blog to be included in Blogger listings or to be found by search engines you can turn these functions off. When you have made your blog go to the top right of the screen and click “customize – settings – basic” and select no to ‘Add your blog to our listings’ and ‘let search engines find your blog’.

2. Upload your portfolio

Include a minimum of 20 images of your artwork and please include notes about materials used and scale where appropriate.

At least two of the images should be of development work such as scanned pages from your sketchbook or notebook. You can include video links to YouTube or Vimeo if necessary.

3. Check your blog

Once you have completed uploading your portfolio, please make sure that all the images and information can be viewed. Do not protect your blog with any kind of access password, otherwise we will not be able to view the blog.

4. Email us the link

Send an email to the Fashion Institute Admissions Team at with the link to your blog (e.g.

Please also include in the email your name, UCAS personal ID number and full course title you are applying to.

We will only use the information that you send to us as part of the admissions process for Manchester Fashion Institute. Other candidates will not be able to view your work unless you wish to publicise the blog.