We are a multi-disciplinary partnership at Manchester Metropolitan University bringing together fashion expertise and talent from across the University, Manchester and the world. We are an international hub that connects education, research and enterprise to inspire the next generation of industry leaders.

Home to a community of fashion designers, buyers, merchandisers, managers, researchers, product developers and marketers, our fashion courses cover the breadth of the industry from fashion design, to management, business and product development. We encourage you to be ambitious, visionary, enquiring, dynamic, innovative and experimental. Our aim is to provide a platform that will put you ahead of the competition and discover your niche in the international fashion industry.

At Manchester Fashion Institute, we promote a culture that empowers you to create your own opportunities for academic and professional development by taking advantage of our cutting-edge resources and unrivalled connections.

We deliver research projects, consultancy and enterprise focusing on innovation, sustainability and impact. Our facilities are industry standard, our academics are internationally connected and our research is pioneering. Inherently proud of our Mancunian roots, we embrace our city, its heritage, culture and achievements.

Our students thrive in a city that does things differently and we create an environment that equips you to rise to the challenge and fulfil your potential. Our courses are for those with the ambition and drive to become leaders in their field, provide solutions for industry’s biggest challenges and to shape the future of fashion.