William Moore

'What Lies Beneath'

I have always been interested in people and their relationship with the clothes they wear. 

One of my major muses is the artist Andy Warhol; who portrayed his persona entirely through the disguise of his clothes, wig, glasses and makeup whilst hiding the private, introverted character of himself.

I wanted to explore the ideology behind wearing clothes to layer identity, and how this could be reversed to show the inside of the garments to reflect the inner workings of the mind.

To Develop this further I looked closely at the tailored designs of Giorgio Armani from the 80’s. Below the outer mask of the oversized suits is the precious binding, delicate French seams and intricate details of the structure of the garments. 

For my collection I want to create a symbiotic relationship between wearer and clothing- one that reveals the character under the outer armour.  In the same way that  Basquiat wore clothes that embodied his very character and works, I want garments to effortlessly peel back the exterior and expose vulnerability. I aim to do this by revealing the subtle and intricate pattern details that lie beneath.