Jessica Murdoch BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear)

Jessica Murdoch

Tailoring for the modern empowered woman

 I have always been fascinated by tailoring, I believe it is such an art and beautiful craft, on a trip to Savile Row I was just in awe of the suits in the archives and on the shop floors, they don’t age, from any perspective they are simply stunning, and you can’t help but admire everything about them. My design philosophy is centred around slow fashion and reinventing timeless classics to make them current, contemporary staple garments that will stay in a person’s wardrobe for a long time. For my final collection I wanted to really challenge myself to echo the skilful craftsmanship I saw in suits of Savile row but reimagine them for my consumer. I was inspired by how Jean Paul Gaultier uses deconstruction and reconstruction to invent new shapes from traditional tailoring and I wanted to implement this practice into my work to create contemporary tailoring for a powerful woman.