Tom Jacopo Burr BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Sportswear)

Tom Jacopo Burr

Concrete Sponges

I am Tom Jacopo Burr, a Fashion Design & Technology Student that specialises in Sportswear. I have a keen interest in outerwear, technical garments and re-thinking details. Most of my work is inspired by different Modernist movements in which I apply the principles of each to rework classic sportswear silhouettes. My final collection was inspired by the lived-in Brutalism of the Corvaile building in Rome and Asger Jorn's Situationalist paintings. I explored fabric manipulation and natural dyeing while developing each garment digitally on Clo3D and Gerber. Working in this way has allowed me to develop garments efficiently and in line with how products are now created in industry.