The Endless Universe

My project ‘The Endless Universe’ is inspired by my belief that no collection should be produced without sustainability in mind. My concept is based off the work of artist Mariko Mori who demonstrates beliefs of an endless universe, through futuristic shapes which have no start or end. These sculptures are placed within natural settings, leading me to interpret her work as a message that an endless universe cannot take place, if we do not preserve nature. The fabrication of my collection is inspired by Boro techniques, as I have re-used denim jeans and silk off-cuts from vintage kimonos to ensure they are not sent to landfill. 

Within my development boards, I have sampled exaggerated silhouettes which form around the body, which link to Mariko Mori’s futuristic shapes. By creating these shapes from scrap fabrics, I presented how using these fabrics do not hold you back from creating anything you envision.