Sophie Hirst

A Class Act

My design philosophy is centred around exploring concepts of uniform and utility with function at the forefront of all my designs. Developing ideas and innovating through inspiration from archive garments to create conceptual yet wearable clothing. I have a strong attention to detail and emphasis on functional design and silhouette, durability, longevity and comfort.

My final project revolves around a reinterpretation of classic British heritage sports attire and the longstanding tradition of public-school uniforms, blending tradition and modernity. Drawing inspiration from the rugby and football kits worn in British public schools during the late 19th century to mid 20th century, my objective was to reimagine these iconic garments to create an everyday uniform that evokes a sense of belonging and identity. By delving into personal archives deeply rooted in public school heritage dating back to the World War II, I merged tradition with a contemporary athleisure aesthetic.