Sam Proud BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Sportswear)

Sam Proud

9th chamber/ TFTC

My collection titled "9th chamber" explores human experience and growth through the physical activity of caving.

It focuses closely on the processes involved in chartering new cave systems, expressing this as a synonym for deep intropsection and self- discovery. The question of what happens the deeper we venture into ourselves is a driving reference point for my designs. Because of this, I have tried to use more visceral imagery in my research, as naturally this genre of visual takes my fancy. For example, looking at the tight squeezes and claustrophobia involved in caving, as well as the dirty and rough textures of the natural environment. My clothing aims to represent this through its dynamic fabrication and subdued colour scheme: perhaps presenting self discovery as a rather drab experience, but necessary nontheless. The title expresses this. The idea of a chamber reminds me of Dante's Inferno journeying into a dark underground place. There's light at the end of the tunnel though.

I look at the phsycial preparations that are made before venturing into the cave: what hardware/tools are used? what sort of clothing do the sperlunkers wear? Mirroring some of the shapes and themes seen in my research has been vital to the final lineup. Carabiners and rope were used to warp classic silhouettes as a representation of the changes we experience within ourselves. Traditional stitch finishes such as "X" tacks were used as a reference to utilitarian fashion as well as the idea of self security and the reliance we placed upon hardware in caving.

I feel I have accurately portrayed my own  interpretation of what project sets out to acheive. I would be incredibly interested to know what other people think of what I've produced in relation to my Project's end goal. Did I reach the 9th chamber?