Megan Roche


My Graduate Collection is inspired from the concept of natural disasters. As a menswear designer, I aim to design with purpose and innovation- I am particularly interested in fucntional garments that provide protection for the consumer, which a specific focus placed on outerwear. My concpet linked well with my interests as a designer- enabling me to create an 8- outfit collection of multi- functional menswear garments, with each look representing one of the 8 natural disasters. 

Through research, digital and 3-D development, I have made sure to keep a strong sense of garments that are focused on providing function and protection against extreme weathers and the effects of the natural world. A large focal point in the collection was placed on fabrication- as I have designed using all deadstock fabrics which all have functionality within them, being water- proof, wind- proof and insulated. 

Through research and sample development I have also placed emphasis on 3-D quilting using a mixture of weights of insulation in my garments, and  the innovative element of water- proof seam taping- making sure to incorporate this into each of the garments in this collection. This aspect also placing the importance of sustainability into the core of my work. From a design point of view, I have used a minimal colour palette- with the contrast of silver reflective elements within fabrications and trims, this creating a feel for futuristic fashion.