Megan Dyson BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Womenswear)

Megan Dyson

New York Architecture

On a recent visit to Manhattan, New York, I was inspired by the architecture and skyline. I was particularly drawn to an area called Hudson Yards, which has prominent feature buildings such as The Vessel and The Shed. They are unique, distinctive in structure and appearance. This area is also home to scores of office buildings and a grand shopping mall. The imposing, yet soft, clean lines of Hudson Yards enabled me to create three looks that would encapsulate the overall impression that these buildings had upon me, and which also spoke to my technical thought process at heart.

My collection is structural in concept and design, having straight lines and a sharp appearance. Although, complementing this look is the smooth, satin, cream blouse which imitates how sunlight reflects off the windows and the Hudson River. A gentle, yet strong look was achieved. My three looks are designed to be interchangeable, allowing the wearer to smoothly transfer between day and night attire. A timeless, yet creative ensemble allows the wearer to feel confident, elegant, and sensual, whatever the occasion requires.