Jumaimah Khan

The past 3 years at MFI studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising have been the best, and has gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm so proud of everything I have achieved along the way and best part is getting my dream job at the end of it, making it all worth it. During my second year I hit a bit of a wall as I was stuggling to get a placement and wanted to enter an entirely different industry, but this course has given me opportunities I didn't think were possible. 

My third year of FBM has to be my favourite by far. With my ambition to pursue a career in motorsports, I based my last two projects around Formula 1.  Although this is a fashion course, this was relatively easy for me to  do and only furthered my intrests in both the industry and the course. Business strategy gave me the opportunity to steer away from the fashion industry specifically and develop my skill set in marketing strategies. Along with this, my experience running the social media for Selfridges womenswear department  allowed me to create a portfolio and enhance my skills. 

My Final Major Project is the piece of work I am most proud of, creating a luggage range for Ferrari, with a 5 year plan, marketing strategy and a personalisation service to support the proposal. Although some of the Adobe design skills required, were really testing, the end result was worth it. I have been extremely lucky to secure my dream role with Porsche as the Marketing and Digital Executive in the North West... My role includes creating TikToks of supercars for a living and I'm honestly obsessed! This just shows if you're passionate about something and work hard towards it, everything will work out in your favour.