Julia Clark BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising

Balenciaga Reconciliation Strategies

When I made the decision to study fashion abroad, I had one goal: to get to a deeper understanding of the fashion industry. 

The Fashion Buying and Merchandising course I undertook at the Manchester Fashion Institute gave me the means to precisely do that.  It is both an extremely precise course in its approach and the sector in which it is held, while offering a global vision of the industry as it is underpinned by several areas related to Buying and Merchandising. This course has confirmed my choice while clarifying my professional areas of interest which today are defined through Branding and Business Strategy, wanting later on, to direct myself in management still in the fashion sector.

However, this course has also equipped me with right tools to develop my own brand during my second year. I was able to put my knowledge directly into practice, whether it be in Product Development, Manufacturing, Finance or Marketing. Today, our brand challenges the current fashion habits, by developing genderfluid detailed clothing produced locally. Therefore, offering a safe place to people, like myself, who do not want to stand in gender binaries and want to be different. 

My experience at the MFI is now a turning point for me in my future ambitions, which were not the ones I had initially envisaged.