Jo Littlewood

The Goddess Ideal

My final collection ‘Goddess Ideal SS24’ is inspired by the Divine ideal in ancient mythology and the prevalent issue of body image in relation to fashion. In ancient mythology ‘goddesses’ were considered sacred and were worshipped extensively. Statues were shown in nude as nakedness was seen as a heroic state of being.  This particular focus on the body arguably initiated the concept of ‘Body ideals’. The collection celebrates women’s bodies and curves. The silhouettes of this collection have been created around the body and accentuate and highlight the curves and shapes.  I have been inspired by vintage lingerie and traditional corsetry in my research and practise.  To create my interacted patterns, I drafted them on the stand as I wanted to work around the body.  I believe that all bodies should be celebrated, appreciated and worshipped and therefore my collection aims to be inclusive of all sizes.