Bryony Whittingham


As a designer, I want my designs to make an impact: whether that be on first look or upon closer inspection. I try to design with detail in mind and particularly in this collection, I have focussed on creating a body of work that encompasses exciting fabrications, sparkly embellishments and expensive finishes. The collection is entitled ‘BASIC BUT NEVER BORING’ as the initial concept was derived from basic bitches and the way they are looked down upon for being ‘unoriginal’ and ‘unnoteworthy’. I wanted to take the derogatory term ‘basic bitch’ and turn it into something to be worn as a badge of honour rather than seen as an insult towards women who look and dress a certain way. 

Throughout my time at university, I have practiced many industrial standard softwares such as Gerber, Adobe (including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) and industrial sewing machines. I have also gained sufficient knowledge in pattern cutting, design development, tech packs and grading which will all assist in my professional future as a designer. 

From September 2021 – September 2022, I completed a placement at Klash Clothing as a part of the boyswear design team. Whilst on the team, I had the opportunity to work with many brands such as C&A, FatFace, George, Morrisons and Tu. During my time at Klash, I was able to improve on my CAD skills, confidence when presenting and knowledge about fabric types and finishes.