My name is Suse Cruz, and I am an aspiring Creative director and aspiring videographer. My work usually constitutes subtext in reflection of society. I explore themes around culture, mental health, individuality etc. These two pieces of work I am submitting reflect my intention as an artist to create change in society. As a black woman, I go through struggles, and my way of expressing those struggles is through creativity. 

Crystal tech is hypothetically an intelligent technology that offers a virtual reality. The smart glasses were created with the primary intention to tackle racism and create a safe environment for people of colour with authentic cultural representations by offering immersive education about different Bame cultures. Learning about other cultures will help people understand, empathise, and respect each other. A space where people can learn about different cultures will help tackle stereotypes and negative images about different ethnic groups.

Secondly, the other project that I want to submit explores the dark sides of the human brain. This project highlights insecurity and hiding underneath it. It takes a lot of mental strength to remove those layers of insecurity for you to be your authentic self indeed. But once you get there is worth the fight with yourself.