Riley Marchant

Mobius is an environmentally focused social media content hub that posts videos and graphical content across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok that will suggest more eco-friendly lifestyle choices to young consumers. We will work with young people’s favourite influential people to create short, lighthearted and funny content in order to engage the 16-35-year-old consumers who have ever-shortening attention spans.

Despite consumer behaviours changing to recognise the environmental impact of clothing and more eco-friendly habits are being adopted, over-consumption is still a serious issue. As a young person who is passionate about the environment and sustainability within fashion, I found myself getting frustrated seeing my peers engaging in consumeristic habits despite being provided with the overwhelming evidence of the amount of harm that the fashion industry is having on our planet. Mobius was created to not only educate young consumers but primarily provide genuine constructive suggestions that can easily be implemented in everyday life.

The engaging suggestions that Mobius makes would contribute to minimising the impact of the fashion industry by encouraging young people to recycle or donate their end of life garments, buy less and limit their spending to environmentally positive causes. These social media posts will also advocate for the viewers to participate in their own independent research as that will be the key to changing habits.