Ed Leslie

I like to explore dystopian narratives in my work, often referencing visceral fears of technology and futurism but synthesized with ancient mythologies to create something new. By creating these artificial dimensions and situations with 3D art, I reflect social and political discourses present in society throughout my imagery to capture a point of view that audiences can perhaps relate to. Digital art has provided the ultimate canvas to express my artistic vision. I see conceptualizing new ideas as one of my strengths, and with 3D software there is no limit to my imagination. The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the art and fashion industry in how it operates, encouraging methods of working that disregard the need for real-life intervention. The use of digital clothes and models during this time allowed Fashion Week to continue, and it changed the way that art and fashion design could be visualized and performed. From this I am keen to continue navigating these virtual spaces in my career to continue enabling this positive digitization in our creative outputs.