Cheshta Chug BA (Hons) International Fashion - Design Practice

Everything fascinates me. The reflection of light, the vibration of particle, the movemeng of objects, the construct of time, I am constantly looking for answers. I believe that there is much more to the universe than we understand. Being from a medical science background, I have an inclination towards the alternative theories of human and universal science. I enjoy picking up on complexities and simplifying them through my work. I have a very philosophical approach to these ideas which helps me cut out the jargon. I love the idea of being able to give people something to think about, making these concepts available to everyone. Art allows me to explore science in my own way, to think about this world as liberally as I want to and to see observe and interpret the complex set of events that constitute life. 

My designs, however conceptual, are focused on comfort and inclusivity. I am always making a conscious effort to be mindful of the production and it's impact on the environment. Majority of my work involves up cycling and deconstruction. It peaks my interest to explore new technologies that help closing the loop. It goes without saying that sustainability in design, construction and concept are essential and I strive to move as close to the goal as I can.