Beth Garrigan

I am a photographer, graphic designer and creative director. As a queer image-maker, my work aims to create authentic representations of female queerness using art, predominantly photography, as a medium for activism. Within my practice, I generate concepts which are contextualised within both working class and queer culture, as important aspects of my own identity. As a graphic designer, I am the co-creator of Dyke Trash, an online shop which sells queer illustrations, collages and art pieces. I am the director of Sapphic, an art exhibition and safe space which showcases artwork and performance by queer female-identifying and non-binary artists in Manchester. The debut show of Sapphic took place on the 5th of May at Antwerp Mansion in collaboration with West Art Collective; the first event featured over 70 queer artists and performers. After graduation, I have plans to further my work on Sapphic and continue my work towards creating authentic queer representations and lesbian-centric art spaces.