Niamh Dobson

Judging by appearance: we all do it. 

Everyone who consumes clothing projects an image of themselves out into the world and as humans, we respond. If you wear a suit you’re educated; if you wear a tracksuit you’re poor and unintelligent. The overarching phenomenon of participating in fashion enhanced by our hyper capitalist society creates the chasm in which we define and judge others with Brits seeming to take this to further extremes than most. 

Through my collection Eton Mess, I explore some of Britain’s key stereotypes and factions bringing humour to our cultural practice of stereotyping. From the Brits Abroad narrative to our favourite Posh Twat, these stereotypes are steeped in history and British significance.

Through studying not only their clothes, but the way they wear them and why, we can understand the significance of each social group and why they may be so easy categorise. By combining them in a visual manner I therefore present my collection to the consumer for them to decide what resonates with them on a personal level.