Maria Azouz BA (Hons) Fashion

Maria Azouz

When I started my final Project, I decided to talk about what I have gone through as a student with mental health throughout COVID-19. Before i had decided on who will wear my collection I began to realise that men go through mental health difficulties mostly by their own, especially in my cultural background. Men tend to put up a front as if it will lessen thier level of manliness.

In the first block I had to submit a document and i had the choice on what to speak about, so i wrote down my experience. Knowing the issues of having mental health and what it can cause i wanted to showcase in my perspective in precieving the world or the world precieving me. Therefore i started to focus on how things can become trippy when you are on medication, so I went into the tippy mode of illusions as that connects with my subject. I went to the Alice in wonderland exhibition to start off my steps and from there I was able to include my mushroom, stipe and dotted flock print on my final two garments. On one of the competitions that I have entered which was called the British Library x pheobe competition I was able to find my digital print in my first two outfits. My sole focus in making my collection was the feeling of being comfortable in my clothes. I began searching what type of clothes people get comfortable in? That led me to sleep wear and the different shapes were extracted from there.