My work is usually a playful juxtaposition of classic and contemporary concepts. I am very inclined towards art and how it interacts with society. It peaks my interest to study how something as subjective as art can have a large impact, are no works are similar. I enjoy translating a conceptual framework into fashion. 

I like experimenting with different techniques of creative garment construction, one that I have largely incorporated in my last few projects was trying to achieve a single piece pattern, supported by the theory of kinetic garment construction. It's a very small step towards sustainability, but it helps utilize less paper and less fabric as we don't usually cut through them as we normally would. I also like working with new technologies, that help me become more sustainable in my practices. 

I am very inclined towards research work, as I believe it helps me hold ground while concept building. 

Having worked in the Indian fashion industry, my love for traditional craft is immense, I enjoy my share of embroidery and learning different craft techniques as this helps me have a broader prespective in terms of my work. 

I'm all about learning, and growing :)