Carmen Otero Loira

I consider myself a hard-worker and a problem solver. I enjoy the creative process of concept creation and its development as well as anything related to the creation of visuals. My work tends to combine digital and physical means since I find this allows the process to flow better for me. For my final collection I dived into the beautiful bubble I was brought up in, spending my summers in the beach of my hometown in Spain. During the process I have explored and learnt a lot of new techniques, such as different methods of dyeing and drapping. It has also made me realise how important sustainibily is to my practice, the collection being made all from either sustainable or recycled materials, opened my eyes to the process of sourcing materials and what in my opinion is a more ethical and meaningful practice. Another key element for me is the psychological effect of fashion on people, I find the best thing about fashion is the impact it can have on the wearer so my goal with my creations is helping the wearer love themselves and feel like they can take on anything.