Beier Lyu BA (Hons) Fashion

Beier Lyu

I am a womenswear designer that comes from a multi-cultured background, usually working with experimental materials and knit, embroidery and quilting. My BA final collection is inspired by digital nature & health issues.

I was back in my home country after 10 years of overseas study during the 2020 pandemic. I experienced a lot of reverse culture shock which made me feel alienated and confused about my identity. Who I am or what I’m supposed to be. During the lockdowns, I realized the physical and mental issues that I and the majority of our generation are experiencing. Because of advancing technology and social media, our bodies and mind are never getting enough rest. During the lockdown, I wanted to go out into nature, but all we could do is go into the digital world, watch videos, and play games. I bought flower bed sheets and wallpapers with the forest printed on them, hoping to cope in a room of fake nature. I made my own lenticular fabric with change patterns when looking from different angles, inspired by old edits of tacky flowers and fake grass fences used to cover up construction sites.