I am a UK based designer that specialises in womenswear, soon to be graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University where I have complted my studies of Fashion Design and Technology BA (Hons). During my studies I have had the privilige of gaining 18months of industry experience. I initially started at Voirluxe as an intern then progressed to a Womenswear Design position which I continued alongside my final year of studies.

I strive to design quality garments which are unique in the market yet timeless to be enjoyed continually by consumers. I have a keen eye for details and enjoy being challenged to design new products. My final collection at university has been reconigsed for the sustainble practice and will be showcased at Gradute Fashion Week 2022. In this collection I have drawn inspiration from the symbolization of sportswear in 90s streetwear culture, to produce a womenswear up-cycled collection inspired by this predominantly masculine dominated area of fashion. The streetwear inspiration has particularly focused on 90s New York influences such as the Lo-Life gang. To whom expressed often how luxury sportswear symbolized the aspirational American dream and via these garments connected them to this other lifestyle distant to their own.

My experience is predominately womenswer design focused however I do have strong interests in menswear and regularly research both division to inform my designs as the divisions are becoming increasingly fluid/transferable. I believe it to be important to have a consumer focussed approach to designing, to contextualise their view on the purpose, styling and functionality of the garment to assess further development and ensure its success and not just adding to the industry wide problem of wasteful overconsumption.