Amy Quayle

As a third year fashion promotion student my work tends to focus on fashion photography, styling and fashion marketing. I have always had a passion for film photography and have began to practice in fashion film as well as building upon my knowledge of editing. Over my three years I have developed multiple apps using the platform Figma, I thoroughly enjoyed this process and the research behind the development. My final third year submission involved both  video and image as part of the campaign as well as app development. The theme of my campaign was female empowerment and how to transform a brand into becoming more inclusive. I focussed on the use of models in fashion brand campaigns and the lack of representation and inclusivity. For the shoot I hired a professional studio and worked with 8 models, although a large challenge and with the thought of directing so many models being slightly intimidating, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more and look forward to managing my own shoots in the near future. I wanted to capture natural beauty in my images and worked with the models to feeling their most confident for the shoot. I hope to gain further experience in photography and art direction in the future and look forward to what it brings.